Welcome to UK Feature Walls - the home of stunning feature wall tiles including brick slips and split face tiles.

Here at UK Feature Walls, we provide you with only the best feature wall tiles needed to have a feature wall that truly stands out.

Use our Brick Slips | Brick Tiles | Brick Veneers to create an exposed brick feature wall.

Use our Stone Split Face Tiles | Decorative Stone Tiles | Stone Veneers to create a modern feature wall.

We are based in Walsall of the UK and deliver our high quality wall tiles and other products all over the country. We are able to provide competitive pricing whilst maintaining the highest quality materials there is to offer.

Our old brick tiles (also referred to as brick slips and brick veneers) can be used to improve the look of your exterior walls or create a realistic looking brick wall.

Our decorative stone tiles (also known as stacked stone tiles and split face stone tiles) are perfect for adding a modern touch to your walls. They are also suitable for outdoor use so improving the walls in your garden has never been easier!

All of our products can be used indoors to turn your walls into eye catching features. However, most of our products are also weatherproof making them perfect to use in your outdoor spaces including front and rear gardens!

A feature wall tile can be fitted easily if you're into DIY, but we always recommend hiring a professional to ensure you get the feature wall finish you desire.

We hold stock of all the tiles shown on our website (we'll tell you if they're out of stock) and because of this, we can deliver relatively quickly. Standard delivery is within 2 working days but if you're ordering before 12:00 midday, you can pay a premium (double the standard delivery cost) and have them the very next day!

Having a tough time choosing the right style of tile for your home (see what we did there)? Order a sample here so you can make the right choice.